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Hyperhidrosis Treatment Options to Consider

Hyperhidrosis treatment types are more than plentiful – some are worthless, some work but with side-effects, and some are dead on perfect. As you could probably guess, these range in overly abundant, numerous, and a scant few, respectively. Having no interest in anything worthless, let’s examine the other two types of hyperhidrosistreatment options; first, those we get from modern medicine, those that invariably have side-effects…

Prescription strength antiperspirants such as Drysol can be quite irritant, even burning… for this reason, it’s applied at night, left on while sleeping, and washed off the next day. You have to use it every night until it takes effect, and then once a week. It burns, stains your sheets, and doesn’t cure you – it merely masks the problem, but only in thin-skinned areas. Then of course there are the anticholinergic drugs like Robinul, which blocks the release of acetylcholine… this is a neurotransmitter which causes an over-production of sweat. The side-effects include heart palpitations, blurred vision, urinary retention and a few other nasty things.

Another hyperhidrosis treatment, called iontopheresis, has the patient immerse the problem areas in water which then has an electrical charge zapped through it. Mild to moderate sufferers seem to be somewhat satisfied with the temporary effects, but find the process a bit, shall we say, unpleasant? That, and it can be wildly expensive. As for a more drastic-sounding hyperhidrosis treatment, there is the use of Botox injections… this is the deadly-poisonous bacteria which causes botulism, a well-known lethal poison.

Now, I don’t know how you feel about it all, but to me, this all seems remarkably like shooting a fly with a thermonuclear device. What kind of treatment is that? The fact is that having hyperhidrosis isn’t from being born with something incurable, but is actually effected by toxic things we eat, drink, and are surrounded by/come in contact with in our daily lives. You can actually cure yourself of this by not eating certain things, eating others, and even using natural home remedies made from things you already have around in the home. Why not go through this route?